'KICK (2016)- Creative Squirrels LLC

'KICK was originally going to be an animated short of a young engineer getting stuck in a superhero base under attack. It had the energy of Die Hard meets The Avengers.

However, plans quickly changed when I booked a couple of conventions in 2016 and needed a tangible product for people visiting our booth to take with them. As a result, Kayla Kick was born. In expanding the original premise, I discovered there was more character development to be explored with Kick. 


I made the first comic under a crazy one-month time crunch for convention season and sold every copy printed and even briefly got optioned for a pilot. (KICK actually turned a profit- not bad for a project that wasn't even supposed to be a comic.)


I inadvertently put the series on hold when I entered a writing fellowship soon after release. Eventually, I intend to swing back around and finish her story, but

in the meantime, you can pick up the comic here and check out the sample below.