SILO ROBERTS (2003-2008)- Nationally Syndicated Comic Strip, Distributed by United Feature Syndicate

SILO ROBERTS was a dream come true as it was a comic strip printed daily in newspapers nationally and online and launched my career in the creative arts and in animation (more on THAT in a bit.) 

I was a few years into my public school teaching career when I started writing Silo comic strips to entertain myself. Over time, I realized I had enough material for several submissions and decided to pursue making SILO ROBERTS into a comic.


Silo was heavily based on my own life experiences and outlook on the world and the comic developed a bit of a cult following during the time it was in print. (I still get asked about it to this day.)


SILO ROBERTS had a successful 3-year run after a year in development at United and a compilation book in 2008. The comic was responsible for opening many different doors with NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball, NFL and card companies like Topps, Inc. 

This comic strip literally changed my life, especially after United was approached to adapt several comics, including SILO ROBERTS, into animation. 

So here's what happened...


Sometime on the 2000s, some BIG Hollywood company (Viacom? I forget which) approached United about adapting some of their comics into animation. When SILO ROBERTS came up for consideration, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with whoever I had to in order to bring a Silo cartoon to TV. 

Then an editor said something like "Oh, they don't want YOU. They just want the characters. You're a "print guy". They have "animation guys" that would run that show."


That upset me to the point where I wanted to prove that I *CAN* direct animation, which focused me to earning a Masters in Animation & Visual Effects from Academy of Art University so that could never be said of me ever again. Ultimately, I moved on from that experience with a much better understanding of the skill set needed to control one's own destiny in the industry. 

I ended up storyboarding several strips for adaptation to animation. I definitely think SILO ROBERTS has potential to make a good animated show. I'd have to modernize it a bit, but these are characters I definitely plan to revisit someday.